Our Story

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Rise of Master Artisans

Lemon Doves was birthed in October 2018, by a team of three visionaries with the support and artistry of women based in remote areas of Thar, Sindh in Pakistan. The local Thari women have laid the foundation for Lemon Doves and are the creators behind the business.

Each woman has a story to share through her hand crafted work and each piece embodies her journey, personality and consciousness.

We are here to make a dent in the world of materialism, and awaken conscious spending. We want to encourage investment in a voice, a story, and in the expression of self through a valuable piece of work, that would create impact in infinite folds. Lemon Doves is providing people with sustainable products, which would ultimately mirror empowerment, provision of income generating opportunities, expansion of creativity and improvement of living conditions for unrepresented and unnoticed artists.

We represent no boundaries, no rules to creativity, no set standards of beauty - We represent love and our vision to tap into the great human potential.